Bubble Wrap Challenge! Cats Try to Walk on Bubble Wrap!ㅣKittisaurus

#Kittisaurus #Challenge
Today, I covered the hallway with bubble wrap and played with my cats!
How will they react after stepping on the bubble wrap?
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  1. Bts Bts

    Bts BtsKun oldin

    U knowww....we should cover the stage with bubble wrap so that jimin doesn't break his head one day😂💜

  2. Merjem Hodović

    Merjem Hodović8 kun oldin

    Hahah 😂

  3. Su Jai

    Su Jai8 kun oldin

    All fun aside... *how much did it cost doe?*

  4. Ferda Erdogan

    Ferda Erdogan9 kun oldin


  5. rose boba

    rose boba9 kun oldin

    If this person was my "next door human" I would ask Me: Hey! So can I just have all of that bubble wrap?

  6. Neumo500

    Neumo5009 kun oldin

    Is TT pregnant or somethin? Her belly is hanging very low

  7. ChrisPhil Gaming

    ChrisPhil Gaming10 kun oldin

    new challenge fill the corridor with acid and make them cross B)

  8. Alliah Veronica Pascual

    Alliah Veronica Pascual15 kun oldin

    Im a big fan of Lulu


    •DOUNUTS ARE YUMMY•16 kun oldin

    All of the cats are ADORABLE! My mum's favorite is Chuchu And my sisters is Momo. But I can't choose! There sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! And I don't know how you keep your house clean with all of those cats!

  10. Angie Connolly

    Angie Connolly20 kun oldin


  11. Alexis Lennon

    Alexis Lennon22 kun oldin

    I'm glad you don't de claw your cats Its not fair! That there natural instincts if you teach them how to use them correctly as a kitten you will never need to de claw them 😭😭

  12. Deni Pepengsut

    Deni Pepengsut22 kun oldin

    Ai love you Coco 😃


    ALISHA ZARA BATRISYA24 kun oldin

    lucu bangeeet...

  14. bfehbsdhv ageg

    bfehbsdhv agegOy oldin

    omg i just love cat people

  15. Ana Sofía Aguilar Márquez

    Ana Sofía Aguilar MárquezOy oldin

    Alguien de México ve esto ¿no? .... vale

  16. Chelsea betonio

    Chelsea betonioOy oldin

    So cute

  17. Shadow the Mysterious Rogue

    Shadow the Mysterious RogueOy oldin

    *Sees the 30 sheets of bubble wrap* *falls backwards on it and stays there*

  18. Asella Delima

    Asella DelimaOy oldin

    Sounds cute when chuchu part so funny

  19. Stardust UwU

    Stardust UwUOy oldin

    Lulu is the cutest thing ever omg

  20. AARON Abraham biju

    AARON Abraham bijuOy oldin

    2:46 LALA was so cute 🥰🥰

  21. Sabrina Lambert

    Sabrina LambertOy oldin

    if you look at my profile picture, then you can see why i like all of the tt scenes

  22. Suhaimi Husain

    Suhaimi HusainOy oldin

    Why Lulu every day stand up

  23. UnicornCatAmazingness

    UnicornCatAmazingnessOy oldin

    Where do you get this

  24. Arctic Bunny

    Arctic BunnyOy oldin

    TT: *stops* DD: ILL SAVE U TT TT: *bitch slaps*

  25. Amaroq81

    Amaroq81Oy oldin

    ha ha LULU is SSSOOOOOOOO funny (LULU is my favorite but i also like all the other ones too)

  26. LouLou's Channel

    LouLou's ChannelOy oldin

    Lulu stands is my favorite 💋

  27. Lola Martinez

    Lola MartinezOy oldin

    Meow :3

  28. YAH _YEAH

    YAH _YEAHOy oldin

    I love lulu

  29. layla pimentel

    layla pimentelOy oldin

    So cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  30. Noel Scicluna

    Noel Scicluna2 oy oldin


  31. Rebecca Ferri

    Rebecca Ferri2 oy oldin

    Io sono gatto TT acttco 😂🤣😂

  32. Tanishka Verma 15

    Tanishka Verma 152 oy oldin

    Lulu is a rabbit because it can stand on its hind paws

  33. Nicole Fontamillas

    Nicole Fontamillas2 oy oldin

    I like lulu

  34. jagadish kirla

    jagadish kirla2 oy oldin

    Momo always looks like coward,afraid of

  35. Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail2 oy oldin

    Chuchu so cute 😍😍😍

  36. Matte Edström

    Matte Edström2 oy oldin

    Must be the worst bubble wrap in the world if a cats paws pop them!!!

  37. Addy Marshall

    Addy Marshall2 oy oldin

    Any day now lulu😂😂😂😂

  38. Addy Marshall

    Addy Marshall2 oy oldin

    Ha ha and coco/lala I always get Them mixed up

  39. Karin Concon

    Karin Concon2 oy oldin

    I like all of the cat exually i have 3 cat

  40. Vanda Mourão

    Vanda Mourão2 oy oldin


  41. Aman Padyal

    Aman Padyal2 oy oldin

    Its too good and so cute

  42. Mr BOT

    Mr BOT2 oy oldin

    I dont know how did she managed to put 30 sheets

  43. AmongUsVENT

    AmongUsVENT2 oy oldin

    Who wlse wanted the cats to run fast across the 30 layer ? 👁👄👁

  44. tonyminneapolis

    tonyminneapolis3 oy oldin

    I like lulu when he walk and run its cute

  45. Zack Ildefonso

    Zack Ildefonso3 oy oldin

    What happened to Momo's eyes?



    I loved the idea so much that I made a throne of bubble wrap for my cat and let's just say that it's in pieces. 😂

  47. NIKINI Wassani

    NIKINI Wassani3 oy oldin

    Best is lulu

  48. red rose

    red rose3 oy oldin

    momo and lulu is the best! they are so cute!!! ❤️😂

  49. Abhijeet Shrivastava

    Abhijeet Shrivastava3 oy oldin

    I wish lulu could walk on two legs

  50. Nurfitri FR

    Nurfitri FR3 oy oldin

    2:45 same lala, same;)

  51. Richa Tewari

    Richa Tewari3 oy oldin

    You have so cute cats

  52. Libby

    Libby3 oy oldin

    UZnick: wanna see 7 cats on 30 sheets of bubble wrap? Over 95% of people who get this in their recommended: Yes Less than 3%: Completely ignore The rest: Give a look and move on

  53. You Tube

    You Tube3 oy oldin

    Are you Spanish

  54. Francisco el gamer 100%real

    Francisco el gamer 100%real3 oy oldin

    No, she is from Korea

  55. You Tube

    You Tube3 oy oldin

    My cat sleeps 23 hours

  56. ritu rawat

    ritu rawat3 oy oldin

    I just realised that in the "Here he comes cat meme" is lulu

  57. Cindy Driver

    Cindy Driver3 oy oldin

    I love LuLu!

  58. geoffrey welsby

    geoffrey welsby3 oy oldin

    I just love lulu...

  59. iB0T

    iB0T3 oy oldin

    My cats would chew through the whole wrap.

  60. Kathy Gluck

    Kathy Gluck3 oy oldin

    Amazing how you test and/or tease the kitties

  61. Ultra Nova

    Ultra Nova3 oy oldin

    If you pause at 2:02, it will look like the cat is stuck in the wall.

  62. Livia Dim

    Livia Dim3 oy oldin

    Lulu very cute ❤❤❤

  63. Ирина Маслова

    Ирина Маслова4 oy oldin

    Ооооообббьтитоои🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🏍🚐🏎🏎🏎🚐🌴🇿🇦👁👁🏎🏎🏎🏎 ☘️☘️☘️☘️🍀🍀🍅🍅🍅🍆🍅🍆🍆🌶🍆🍆🍆🥑🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍠🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🧀🥨🧀🧀🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🧀🥨🥨🥨🥨🧀🧆🧆🧆🌮🧆🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌯🌮

  64. Leon Beuchert

    Leon Beuchert4 oy oldin

    what kinda cat is Lulu

  65. PixiieBlox

    PixiieBlox4 oy oldin

    Lulu is so cute when she stands on her back legs! 💕

  66. zahra Febriani

    zahra Febriani4 oy oldin

    Cuchu issocute😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Angel Of Darkness

    Angel Of Darkness4 oy oldin

    Now the real question is… HOW The hEcK dId thEy cLeAn up tHaT mEes

  68. Gaylene Morley

    Gaylene Morley4 oy oldin

    Very cute pop pop pop

  69. Souza Silva

    Souza Silva4 oy oldin


  70. geovanny caro

    geovanny caro4 oy oldin

    Que adorables!

  71. manasvini rajan

    manasvini rajan4 oy oldin

    this is cute, but aren't you scared your cats will swallow something?

  72. Mili BM

    Mili BM4 oy oldin

    amo tu canal, ojala yo pudiera hacer estas cosas con mi gata literalmente si le pongo incluso un panatalon o una almohada en el pasillo que lleva a la comida incluso si tiene hambre se da la vuelta, y si hay un bicho corre y empieza a maullar

  73. 【V25 official】

    【V25 official】4 oy oldin


  74. Md Qasim

    Md Qasim4 oy oldin

    Lulu is my favourite 😍

  75. Bagoes Wahyu

    Bagoes Wahyu4 oy oldin


  76. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones4 oy oldin

    Those cats are going to kill you in your sleep eventually.

  77. Eloy Torres

    Eloy Torres4 oy oldin


  78. pablo londono

    pablo londono4 oy oldin

    When my baby sister wants to play with toys 2:40

  79. Javier Oviedo

    Javier Oviedo4 oy oldin


  80. mvcookio

    mvcookio4 oy oldin

    LuLu is such a meerkat! 😂😍

  81. Manna Poranna

    Manna Poranna4 oy oldin

    She's not wearing pyjamas here! :D

  82. Ruo Yan

    Ruo Yan4 oy oldin

    My fav cats are lulu from here and Coco from munchkins not to be mistaken for coco from here

  83. Ayun Citra Widayanti

    Ayun Citra Widayanti4 oy oldin

    The cat is so cute

  84. Junaid JD'Z

    Junaid JD'Z4 oy oldin

    Who's your favourite cat? mine is lulu 🐈🐾.

  85. Gnar Pearl

    Gnar Pearl4 oy oldin


  86. Shriya's family fun day

    Shriya's family fun day4 oy oldin


  87. Paloma White

    Paloma White4 oy oldin

    Loved this as always but found myself missing the added text of what each cat is 'thinking' like in other videos ;) That's often the best part!

  88. Vlk Samotář

    Vlk Samotář4 oy oldin

    I have question Momo is boy?????🤔

  89. Francisco el gamer 100%real

    Francisco el gamer 100%real3 oy oldin


  90. Slamfunk tortoise

    Slamfunk tortoise4 oy oldin

    Did you just pitch all that in the garbage when you finished with it? I hope not.

  91. COKROYA ꦔꦥꦏ꧀

    COKROYA ꦔꦥꦏ꧀4 oy oldin

    si Lulu plongo bet njiir😂

  92. Shalini Singh

    Shalini Singh4 oy oldin

    Coco like what the heck is going

  93. sabiha kamran

    sabiha kamran4 oy oldin

    Love it very much🔥💚❤💛🔥

  94. Statuss worLD

    Statuss worLD4 oy oldin

    They all are chooo cute~~ god!!!! 😍😍❤❤❤

  95. Hugo Leduc

    Hugo Leduc4 oy oldin

    Me: how many cats do you have Claire: 예

  96. Cool Channel

    Cool Channel4 oy oldin

    Momo is the best cat lol

  97. Alifa Ambarwati

    Alifa Ambarwati4 oy oldin

    I watch with my kitten and he always touch my screen when lulu and dd come

  98. Anne Yothers

    Anne Yothers4 oy oldin

    You're the best Claire. Wish I had thought of this. Keep them coming😁😁😁😁😁

  99. Стефания Романова

    Стефания Романова5 oy oldin


  100. Seraphina Grace

    Seraphina Grace5 oy oldin

    DD acting like a spy on a mission, who is on the move

  101. Teresa Payne

    Teresa Payne5 oy oldin

    I was wondering if they'd pop with DD,'s weight, but i heard single layer popping from MOMO at least. Nice to see TT enjoy it too.

  102. song ngư tik tok

    song ngư tik tok5 oy oldin

    Mình vn mình thấy chú mèo này chú nào cũng xinh

  103. Fida Emily

    Fida Emily5 oy oldin

    Who all loves lala's walk.or is it just me🤔